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Cubículo de Gallina de Metal Grande con Corral y Cubierta de 120"×40"×40" Caja de Pollos Portátil Jaula de Pajaros para Gallinas Casa de Entrada para Jardín de Patio Granja Animal para Mascota Jaula de Ejercicio para Conejo Pato

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About this item

  • ??【Spacious Chicken Coop Space】The large chicken coop measures 120"L x 40"W x 40"H and can accommodate 12-20chickens.chicken coop run is an enclosed outdoor area attached to a chicken coop where poultry can roam, scratch, and forage while still being protected from predators. The run provides a safe and secure space for chickens to enjoy the outdoors while keeping them contained within a fenced area.In which we attached the chick swing and vegetable string bag, the chick can easily peck to a variety of vegetables, but also make the chick activities more fun.
  • ??【High-Quality Materials】The chicken coop adopts heavy-duty iron frame and fully covered PVC-coated wire mesh, which effectively extends the service life and reduces wear, corrosion and fading during use. Sturdy and durable, not easily damaged. With lockable door frame for added security. Use wire mesh to prevent predators such as weasels, foxes, raccoons, and birds of prey from entering the chicken coop and damaging the ecology.
  • ??【Easy Installation】We come with detailed installation instructions. We have optimized the structure of this poultry cage, using a combination of iron frame and wire mesh. After assembling the frame, just cover and lock the wire mesh. Comes with plastic ties and scissors to make your installation more flexible and easy. Check the installation manual to ensure you can complete the installation efficiently.
  • ??【Waterproof & UV Protection cover】This waterproof cover fits our coop perfectly, providing a shaded area inside the coop to protect the chickens from the strong sun. Can provide sun protection, rain protection and snow protection in some areas. A roof slope allows water, debris, and light snow to drain away instead of accumulating on the roof.
  • ??【Multi-Animal Compatible and Scenarios】Our metal chicken coop is a multi-functional product, especially suitable for chickens, ducks, geese, dogs and other small animals. It can be applied in multiple scenarios such as your farm, backyard, home garden, etc.

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